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When it comes to investment decisions, you can have too much of a good thing. Research shows that too many options — or “choice overload” — lowers the motivation to choose, especially among voluntary investment plans.

The Model Plan can make this choice simpler for all of Florida’s 403(b) plan members.

In offering pre-vetted options for all employees, the Model Plan stands to increase participation in supplementary retirement savings plans by making the investment decision less overwhelming. The Model Plan can also help your school district select top-quality providers and products from a vast pool of options.

The Independent Benefits Council has assembled an array of investment choices designed to meet the needs of all Florida public school employees. This diverse set of options covers a spectrum of risk tolerance levels, need for guidance, and investment time horizon. What these investment options have in common is that they were all vetted by the IBC, the organization committed to maximizing the value of retirement savings for educators.

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