Spring Savings: Why Employees Need to Stash Cash for Retirement

Spring has sprung! Now is a great time to sit down with your public school employees to review if they are on track to build a retirement nest egg that is sturdy enough to withstand the future. Click here for resources from The Model Plan provider companies to help facilitate this discussion. 

Our Values

Since its inception in 2007, the IBC has been committed to maximizing the benefits offered to Florida school employees. The Model Plan demonstrates that commitment by representing six key values:

  • Employee choice: The Model Plan aims to provide sufficient service models and investment options that represent reasonable choice, but not so much as to become confusing for participants or inefficient and redundant for administrators.
  • Value pricing: Investment options must represent value for service provided — from high-service options that include professional advice and management to no-service options for the cost-conscious, “Do It Yourself”-type investors.
  • Dependability: The Model Plan prohibits bait and switch techniques by plan providers. Investment companies may only offer approved Model Plan products for 403(b) plans.
  • Transparency: Value pricing plan means no hidden fees for any products in any investment plan.
  • Full and fair access: All districts must have access to the same products at the same negotiated prices — not just the largest ones.
  • No delays: Negotiated prices apply to all existing school districts’ contracts with the Model Plan providers, not just future contracts.

School employees can count on the IBC and the Model Plan to help them save and invest for a more secure retirement.